I would like to introduce to you our exclusive collection of luxury accessories that combines exceptional craftsmanship with traditional elements inspired by botany and Baroque style. Each detail is carefully crafted and perfected to create a harmonious whole, adding a magical and unforgettable atmosphere. In our collection, you will find a wide range of wedding accessories that will emphasize your beauty and elegance. If our collection does not meet your needs and you desire something original and completely tailored to your ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to fulfill your dreams and help you create the perfect accessory for your big day that will fully correspond to your vision and desires.





Our workshop prides itself on using only the finest and most luxurious materials to create our unique pieces. Each piece is masterfully crafted from French lace that we have made and is meticulously embellished with garment rhinestones and hand embroidered with Preciosa pearls and stones. For some products we glue some of the stones with a special jewellery glue.

With respect for traditional Czech craftsmanship, we use only Czech beads in our products. We do not forget about premium satin and satin elastics, which not only hold their shape and function perfectly, but also add a touch of divine elegance.

Our hair accessories are created from brass, which is precision-finished in our workshop to achieve the desired shape and premium quality. For additional aesthetics and elegance, we add silver-plated wire that we use to connect them, as well as Czech stones and Preciosa pearls.

Uniqueness of our products is added by hand-modelled floral details, formed from a special material characterised by its long durability. It is important to emphasize that we create each piece carefully by hand, and therefore each product may differ slightly, making each piece an original.

Our hair accessories are not only about fashion trends, but also about unique craftsmanship, quality materials and timeless style. To keep your jewelry looking like new, we recommend re-polishing with a jewelry cloth.

All of our earrings are the result of careful and loving handwork. We create them from premium brass material, the finishing of which is completely in our hands to suit all our needs. To this we add silver plated or gold plated wire, which serves as a means of connecting the individual elements.

Our products are further enriched with Czech beads, pearls and Preciosa stones, which provide that necessary sparkle and luxurious look to all our pieces. We create floral details from a special material characterized by its durability and resistance to adverse conditions.

As for the components for the clasp, we use Ag 925 sterling silver or surgical steel for maximum quality and comfort. To keep your jewelry looking like new, we recommend simply re-polishing it with a jewelry cloth.

"everything we love, become a miracle"




Hello, I wanted to thank you for your incredible willingness and beautiful garter. The bride was thrilled and your work is absolutely beautiful. thank you for everything and I wish you many satisfied customers.

Klára M.

Hello, my garter arrived today. It is very beautiful and I would like to thank you very much for the great communication, the beautiful packaging and the beautiful message. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who are getting married. I wish you much success.

Klára P.

Hello, the package arrived today and I dropped out. The garter is beautiful, perfect, normally I'm sad that it's not for me. Well thank you!

Miriam Š.